Chapter 1– Choices and Consequences

Learn how small changes in your behavior when you are young can have

huge consequences later in life.

Chapter 2 – Bigger Choices, Bigger Rewards

Bigger changes, even for only relatively short periods of time, can

generate millions of dollars at retirement.

Chapter 3 – Accumulating Wealth

There are a lot more ways of accumulating wealth than you might imagine.

Chapter 4 – Stocks and Bonds

Understanding why the value of stocks and bonds fluctuates can help

you make better decisions.

Chapter 5 – Reducing Risk

Understanding the nature of risk is important if you want to decrease

your exposure to it.

Chapter 6 – Mutual Funds and Similar Alternatives

There are many financial options that make investing easier for the

young investor.

Chapter 7 – Taxes

Reducing your taxes increases the money you have available to invest.

Chapter 8 – Creating a Plan

Now that you have all the facts, its time to implement a plan that is

right for you.

Chapter 9 – Consequences: The Software

Use the FREE software described in this chapter to analyze the consequences of your decisions.