The decisions you make when you are young can dramatically change your life.  Saving just $6 each month can increase your retirement wealth by nearly $70,000.  Just changing the way you buy your cars can add a MILLION dollars to your retirement nest egg.

Life offers many choices. Unfortunately, we often make those choices without knowing the long-range consequences of our decisions. You can’t make intelligent decisions if you don’t understand how each of your choices will affect your life. The purpose of this book is to give you the information and skills needed to better predict the future value of the choices you face.

Early chapters will show how simple decisions, made while you are young, can make huge changes in your financial future. Once this knowledge has motivated you to learn more, subsequent chapters will explore the principles of saving and investing, including such topics as boosting your returns, decreasing your risks, and minimizing your taxes, but none of these subjects will be examined in the usual way. Most books tell you what you should do – this book will not. Instead, you will learn about financial planning by exploring the consequences associated with various choices. After you understand the basic principles, you will learn how to use a computer program to help evaluate your options. As you learn to predict the ramifications of your decisions, you will be able to make the choices that are best for you.

Making the right choices in life helps you obtain the financial future you desire. Sacrifices have to be made for sure, but unless you know how much benefit you can receive from various sacrifices, you can’t determine which sacrifices are right for you. Understanding your choices and their consequences puts you in charge of your life. Not understanding them leaves your financial future to chance. The choice is yours!